Testimonials for Candra Apothecary Products

I am amazed that I have no pain in my hip joint at all!!! Just incision site discomfort & muscles that need to heal & rebuild.

Cyndie G. / from Facebook

I have fibromyalgia and severe RA. I met Nicole at a vending event, in so much pain I could barely walk… all I can say is I haven’t taken an anti inflammatory since that day.

Tamela G.

I’ve been using Canda Apothecary CBD Bath Bombs for over a year. They are incredible. I sleep so soundly afterward, and so does my partner. We both notice how moisturizing they are and it’s such a nice treat to take a super relaxing bath together that helps relieve my boyfriend’s muscle tension from working. I highly recommend these relaxing bath bombs!

Adelle L.


Nomihelene / from Instagram

Oh the chapstick is really doing something for my lips! After living in the Caribbean for 4 years and now in Denver my skin is all so dry! But finally lips feeling amazingly good and smooth.

the_v1000 / from Instagram

My boyfriend and I used the roller last night when I got home. Omg it worked so so incredibly. My neck pain was gone and he’s had horrible pain for a couple years now due to a major knee surgery and loved it as well!

Jasmine K. / from Instagram

I also wanted to say that bath bomb was amazing! Made my skin feel amazing and loved the gold glitter! But most importantly it helped with my fibromyalgia flare up I was having that day for the shoot. If if wasn’t for that idk how my back would be feeling.

Sheila / from Instagram


This is literally the best I’ve ever seen.

sailor_marimoon / from Instagram